Slynx is a Discord bot specialised in cloning and backing up your servers. In addition, Slynx now also provides free to use ranking & voice ranking system with role rewards and customizable rank cards. Not just this but Slynx also looks forward to preventing your server against nukes.

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Slynx offers its users following features


Create new backups of your servers, update or delete the existing backups anytime or even load them onto a server of your choice.

Leveling System

With the Slynx's unique rank system, users can customize their rank cards and get rewarded with roles once they reach a certain level.


Customizable Anti-Nuke features, set the cooldown, amount of max bans or kicks, and more to protect your servers from raiders.

Voice Ranking

Slynx rewards users with roles depending on the time an individual has voice called for and a fancy leaderboard to show top users.

Message Records

View the total number of messages sent by the user over a specific time or check the daily, weekly, and monthly message leaderboards.

Mini Server Stats

Records the number of users joined and left, total voice-call hours and the overall messages sent by all the users on a daily basis.


Captcha Gate allows you to protect your server against bots, select a role and it'll be given only if they complete the challenge.


Protect your server against malicious domains posted in your server, bot will detect them delete them and ban/timeout, you choose.

Getting Started

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