Slynx Premium

Purchasing Slynx premium helps support the development of Slynx bot and unlock the exclusive features in return.



Empower 1 of your server.

$ 4 /month
  • Premium For 1 Server
  • Anti-Nuke Features
  • Upto 5 Backups
  • Auto Backups


Empower 4 of your server.

$ 12 /month
  • Premium For 4 Servers
  • Anti-Nuke Features
  • Upto 15 Backups
  • Auto Backups


Let us help answer the most common questions.

Yes, all subscriptions are renewed and automatically charged every month or year depending on your plan.
Sadly for now the process is not fully automated, which means you'll have to join support server and let me know you've purchased, once I verify that it's all good, you'll be granted premium status, this process should be immediate once I respond but do note I may be asleep or working.
Yes, you can transfer but you must join support server, to avoid abuse of the system, it is limited to me to reset or remove a premium server from your list, please chose wisely before assigning a server as premium.
Of course, it may be a difficult process to do, PayPal makes some things oddly confusing, but if you wish to cancel and need help, I'll cancel it myself.
For now I only encourage to use PayPal but if you need another payment method for a reason such as region blocking, I am happy to look into your issue closely and evaluate another possibility.